Thursday, June 25, 2009


A good man has gone to heaven too soon.

Send a prayer for him and his three little children.

He was taken too soon.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On a mission against bitches

I'm gonna tell you about a girl I know. We were in the same class.
She and I, we're totally different. I'll give you a description, first one of me then of her.
A short description of me:

  • I don't care about how rich my friends are. Nor do I care if they're popular or super pretty. These things just don't matter to me.
  • I'm a quiet person. I'm not someone who likes to take the lead. As one of my teacher said, I'm a "quiet worker".
  • School and education is something I take serious. I do what the teachers say. I listen during class and I do my homework (ok, except for maths :-P ). I rather learn for tests, than cheat.
  • I like to go out. But not every night during the weekend. And when I go out, I rarely drink. I'm not against alcohol, I just....I can't drink that much. It's simply not my thing. And I don't smoke. Never did, never will. If people want to smoke - ok. It's their decision, not mine.

A short description of the girl I'm talking about:

  • She judges people by their clothes and looks. If someone wears some older clothes which aren't the newest or coolest anymore she makes mean comments behind the persons back. She even badtalks her best friends. She's always wearing "fashionable" things. Though sometimes we all think it looks totally stupid. She think she is a model, but she really isn't. Ooooh no....
  • She loves to be the center of attention. If she isn't, she'd do something to get the attention. ALWAYS. No matter what. She speaks loud and she always wants to be the boss.
  • She is a cheater. There wasn't one single test, where she didn't cheat. And if someone had a bad mark, she said: "You should've learned more". And when she had a bad mark, she played it down. And during class she rarely listened.
  • She goes out every weekend. And she always drinks a lot. I mean, she has the money, since her parents pay for everything. Even for her car. And for her, everyone who doesn't smoke is uncool.

So, you see, she's the complete opposite of me. Don't get me wrong, I accept everyone. If I don't like someone, I ignore the person.

But with this girl it was different. One day, I was eating lunch with my friends, when she came to me and asked if I could help her. The finals were coming and she had huge problems in english grammar. Languages are my thing and I love to learn them. So, that day she asked me if I could explain the english grammar to her. I'm not a bad person (normally) and I said I'd help her.

The next day I had a terrible headache and during the big break I went outside to get a bit of fresh air. I saw this girl sitting in the grass with her friends. She couldn't see me, I was near some trees.

But I could hear her. I told ya she has a loud voice.

"Oh god, yeah" she said, "she is such a geek. She always has good marks. I bet she's learning every single minute at home. But she agreed on helping me. That stupid bitch, haha."

My first intention was, to go over and tell her off. But then I had a better idea. An evil idea, yeah...but a good one. Just once I wanted to be a bad girl.

So, I told two of my friends about what this girl had said. And we decided to make a plan:

  1. Make her think we want to be her friends and would do anything to be seen with her
  2. "Help" her with the grammar. Which means; teach hear ridiculous grammar rules.
  3. Sabotage her in all the other classes too!

Our mission was born: Mission 0007 !!!

We did pretty well. We tried to gain her confidence. We told her every day how increeeeeeedibly good she'd look and asked her several times how we could become as popular. I taught her weird and stupid rules. She was sure she'd make super good marks. I know, that's quite mean. But, I'm super proud of myself.

Anyways, we thought we should give the name 'Mission 0007' kind of a sense. So, during the rest of the year, our goal was to sabotage her 7 times. And that's what we did. We took like, 4 books of hers, 2 stacks of sheets and, in the end we also took her agenda.

We will always be proud of what we have done. I know, I know... it was super childish. But you know what?


Oh...nostalgia...these were fun times.