Saturday, May 16, 2009


It's been a weird day. I woke up at 3pm and I knew the day would end up bad. One hour later my feeling was confirmed. I had to meet with dad. In a bowling alley. Yippie....

Anyways, When I was back at home, I remembered that I still had to do some work for school. I must say I've been really lazy this year. I haven't done anything, no learning, no re-reading things, nothing. We only have exams at the end of the year not during the year. Last september when school started I thought: "Wow! No tests during the year! That is so cool!" Now I think: "Damn, I should've learned more. We should've had more tests during the year." I asked myself: Why didn't you learn more? I found the answer. Too soon, though. I am not interested in this stuff.

It's out now. If I would have to point out one thing that I learned this year, something that supports my decision to become a nurse, I wouldn't know what to say. Of course, we had good times. But I realized a while ago that I made the wrong decision. I don't like to take care of elderly people. It's not my thing. AT ALL. Back at the FMS I thought "hey, not all the patients are old!". Well, most of them are. 75%. Too much. I don't want to do this. But it's too late.

It has always been my dream to study languages. I love to learn languages. That is my thing.
Is it too late?

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