Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The battle's on....(My arm has a right to live!!!)

In about two weeks, nursery school's gonna restart.
Our school is pretty boring progressive. At least that's what I thought. I mean, we have really good teachers which we're allowed to address informally, they teach us the newest stuff. And well, it's just fun to be in school. But a few weeks ago I changed my mind a little. I met a woman from Texas (@fabmomtofour) on twitter. She is a registered nurse and I told her about how we excercise. And with excercise I mean giving shots, taking blood samples etc. It doesn't take long to explain that:
We exercise on each other.

The first thing we learned was to apply a substance intramuscular. So, we had to exercise in groups of two. The other person who was in my group is, may I say, not really talented. I won't engross further, I only say: IT HURT. He injected the damned needle over 3 times and he did it slowly. Idiot.
Anyways, I thought we were progressive. But @fabmomtofour told me that this was kinda barbaric (she didn't say barbaric but something like that. Just something negative, OK?!) Apparently where she went to school they have some kind of fake-robot-arms and stuff to exercise.
How cool! I wish our school had this too! It would mean waayyyyy less pain!

I couldn't stop thinking about this. So I wrote an email to the dean of the german speaking section of our school, Mrs. Piller. I asked her why WE didn't have those robot thingies since it would be better for us (and our arms and legs and fingers and....ahem.....yeah).

"They're too expensive!" was her answer.

I tried to find information about such robot-arm-thingies but couldn't find anything (if you know a website that contains information, feel free to contact me or leave a comment). Now, therefore I don't know how much such a 'robot' costs and I couldn't bring any arguments to convince Mrs. Piller.
It still bothers me. We have to pay a lot of money to attend this school. What the eff are they doing with it? I mean, they're not paying the teachers since they get their salary from the state. We have to pay the class books ourselves, we pay or own food....ect.
So....where does this money go? Where?

I will find out.
The battle is not over yet.

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